Jabra: Focus Thursdays

Jabra: Focus Thursdays

Hybrid working has the potential to boost productivity

Each workspace – whether that be the office, the home, or a third space – has inherent pros and cons. The traditional office space can be a very good environment for collaboration and culture-building; WFH can enable us to strike a better work-life balance by getting personal and work-related tasks done simultaneously throughout the day; and third spaces such as a library or cafe can provide a much-needed change of environment to keep us inspired throughout the work week.

When the pros of these spaces are maximized, 79% of employees say that a hybrid work model will allow them to be more productive. However, concentration is a key enabler of productivity, so how can we make sure we’re always able to concentrate regardless of where we decide to work?

Maintaining concentration from anywhere

“Random, unplanned distractions are the enemy of deep work, so the idea is to find a place for everything.” When he contributed this line to a DropBox blog article, remote working expert and consultant Mike Sholars couldn’t have imagined that it would become even more relevant in the age of hybrid working.

While “random, unplanned distractions” have always been an issue for knowledge workers, they’ll naturally become more diverse during hybrid work, as the locations in which we work also continue to become more diverse; babies will cry at cafes, our upstairs neighbors will renovate, or our in-office hot-desking arrangement will simply be too lively. However, we shouldn’t let this get in the way of the productivity that having access to unlimited workspaces can offer us. All we need is the right tools to help us stay on-task.

Employers need to provide tools for concentration

Noise is a common issue for knowledge workers. In fact, in one peer-reviewed study, 99% of respondents found that office noise such as chatty colleagues or ringing phones was an impediment to concentration. This can pose a major disincentive from going into the office and may harm employee motivation. But are our homes or third places any quieter? While working remotely, many of us found that distractions from family, pets, and neighbors were also an issue.

To enable employees to block out these distractions and remain focused from anywhere, they need tools engineered to do exactly that. Professional headsets with Active or Total Noise Cancellation, such as the Jabra Evolve2 85, are purpose-built with these noisy work environments in mind. They block out all noise so that you can stay in the zone and on the task at hand. And with industry-leading call quality, you can also make sure that your colleagues on the other side of the call aren’t distracted by any background noise disturbances. With the right tools, individuals, teams, and entire organizations can channel their concentration into a successful and productive hybrid working future.

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