Jabra: Workspace Wednesdays

Jabra: Workspace Wednesdays

The “anywhere office” of hybrid working

For years, we’ve been working in the traditional office space. Whether that’s a corner office, a cubicle, or a hot-desking setup, we all gathered physically together every Monday through Friday from nine to five to get work done. Then came the pandemic, and we all became acquainted with our home offices, as well as a series of new tools and techniques to stay connected and productive when working with our colleagues from home.

But now with the shift to hybrid working, we’re quickly seeing the normalization of the “third space” – that is, a workspace other than the traditional or home office. In fact, in the 2020 Jabra Work From Home Study, a majority of knowledge workers said they would ideally split their time between three locations, spending at least half a day each week from a third space. This may be a coworking space, cafe, library, or any number of other locations. Needless to say, the rise of the third space is providing employees with even more choice in how they organize their work week to get the most out of each day.

The challenges of working in remote spaces

Third spaces can breathe fresh air into the middle of your work week; the change of environment can help you power through the hump day blues. However, third spaces are not like the traditional or home office. Because you’re often in a public or group environment, they can be very unpredictable. For example, your go-to cafe may be particularly busy, or your coworking space may be holding a networking event. But you shouldn’t let that unpredictability get in the way of maximizing your work week in a way that makes most sense for you. As we continue to access our work virtually more and more, as long as you have the right tools that enable you to collaborate and concentrate from anywhere, any space can be a workplace.

Audio and video technology will enable productive working from anywhere

In Jabra’s Hybrid Ways of Working 2021 Global Report, 85% of employees said that technology will be critical to work-from-anywhere future. Similarly, 85% report that being confident in their technology – audio, video, and internet – allows them to excel at work. Most of the third places where employees are working will have the internet part of the equation covered. But for leaders and IT decision-makers, it will be crucial to ensure that their employees can be productive and connected from anywhere, providing flexible audio and video technologies.

Instantly access virtual meetings, block out distractions when you need to focus, and stretch your legs whenever you want to, with a wireless headset that can handle whatever your day throws at it, such as the Jabra Evolve2 65. Make sure that virtual collaborators have clear calls, without the frustration of background noises, no matter where your team is working from.

Just as the traditional office requires desks, meeting rooms, and whiteboards for employees to get the most out of the space, enabling employee productivity in remote spaces that you can’t control also calls for dedicated tools and technologies.

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